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17 Aug

Holiday Sickness Reports

With over 60 Million visits abroad by Brits every year and a large percentage of these being package holidays, it is little wonder we are experiencing an increase in holiday sickness cases.

After working hard to save for a well-deserved holiday in the sun, the last thing you want is to end up cutting your trip short or being stuck in bed because of poor hygiene standards at your hotel.

SK Medical Practice have an expansive panel of doctors and Gastroenterologists to help represent your clients who have suffered bacterial infections following their holiday abroad.

Our experienced GP's and Gastroenterologists can produce desktop reports following a telephone consultation with the client or we can arrange for an examination to take place with a Gastroenterologist for more serious cases.

Our comprehensive reports deal with the key issues in processing your clients holiday sickness claim:

  • The holiday details
  • The history of the illness
  • Hotel and swimming pool cleanliness and hygiene
  • The effects on the holiday
  • Duration of symptoms
  • Effects on employment and daily living, schools etc.
  • Association with other bowel symptoms such as (IBS)
  • Review of medical records (where applicable)

The report also deals with other crucial factors, namely medical causation and consistency of facts surrounding the holiday sickness and will contain a diagnosis / prognosis i.e. did the client suffer gastroenteritis or E. Coli and did the illness exacerbate any previous / pre-existing issues.

Finally our detailed reports  look at the evidence to support the balance of probability between the poor standards at the hotel and the ensuring illness.

To find out more, please feel free to leave a comment below, contact Dale Walker or Paul Ryan via 0151 733 3000 or email



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