About Us

SK Medical Practice has been established since 2002 along with being a current member of AMRO. We are growing rapidly whilst responding to demands from our industry. Continually, we review and adapt our business model however always remaining flexible and accessible. Therefore, developing an excellent reputation for providing genuine value to our customers hence fostering strong working relationships.

Specialists in a number of areas.

Road Traffic Accident/collisions, injuries from slips or trips, injuries caused in the workplace or defective product claims.
We offer nationwide rehabilitation to aid both clients' physical and mental needs.
This includes injuries sustained through clinical, medical or dental negligence.
This may include injuries or diseases contracted or sustained in an industrial environment such as hearing loss, asbestosis poisoning and vibration white finger.

We are a leading provider of high quality, independent medico-legal reports and rehabilitation services based wholly in the UK. Our 400+ customers across the legal profession use our services to assist in the resolution of a variety of claims.

SK Medical Practice is committed to providing an outstanding professional service to our customers. We have the capacity to prepare over 50,000 reports per year, yet always handle each case with speed accuracy and above all integrity.

We are a member of Association of Medical Reporting Organisation [AMRO], an association dedicated to the promotion of professional standards in medical reporting. Also, the maintenance of good practice in the presentation and use of medical reports... not to mention the conduct of medical experts within the course of legal proceedings... suitably in accordance with general principles of law.


The key to our success is our dedication to firm Company values and the passion of each staff member to deliver a bespoke service to each of our customers. Dedicated point of contact for each individual customer results in a consistent, measured and monitored service that ensures a quality experience for all stakeholders in every case. The landscape of the industry continues to provide challenges that SK Medical Practice meet by remaining informed and adaptable to change, which guarantees our service remains customer focused.

ISO 9001 Certification Accredited

ISO 27001 Certification Accredited